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Today I put this blog post together to focus on this word 'INCONSISTENCY' - Which is utterly the word that describes me this year! I am making my blog as of today a place where I can just complain and tell you all my struggles and all my achievements.

Currently, I am teaching first grade.....

This post came about because I am currently reading the book 'The Wild Card' by Hope and Wade King - It is constantly talking to me. Legitimately talking to me. I am that teacher who is giving up who is letting the pressure of low-income SES, high behavior issues, and no support get to me I am excepting my students to be just good enough. I am letting my students settle.

I have currently put the book down. I need a break. It constantly has me reflecting. (I honestly appreciate this book it came out during a time I needed a wake-up call)

Moving to a different grade level mid-year! is never ideal for anyone. I am currently struggling because I don't understand what needs to be taught. I have literally only taught kinder for my first 3 years teaching. I put that in my head that is basically stupid and have no common sense to go and research and understand the standards.

What it really was it was TIME. I had to use all my TIME to learn something new. I didn't want to.

I was feeling really FIXED in my mindset.

I write this post to say being on it being strong and staying CONSISTENT is hard!
It can be done. It's hard and its okay to admit defeat.

Like Mrs. Johnstons Journey - and her #okayteacher

Its okay to admit you have work to improve. Sometimes we because aware that others are constantly doing better than us so we get sad and it sets the tone for our own classroom and it may not end well.

My current state is always frustrated or flustered with the amount I need to get my students to learn and the other is how flustered I am about our school community as a whole. We have had a lot of changes. Basically,  the school is barely holding on by the seems.

I am just trying to get it out.
If anyone can relate.. tell me what you do to get through.

That is it. I am going to end it here.

Thank you for reading :)

Its been a while! A whole school year to be exact...

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Hi lovely's!

Today I just wanted to talk about all the lovely change that has happened in my life this last year. I kinda needed this year to really reflect on myself as a teacher. As a human being and my self constricting tendencies to my ultimate potential.

I was challenged a lot this year, put down a lot this year. If you knew me in person you would understand why criticism is probably the hardest thing for me to handle but more so when it is blatantly to make me feel like I am crap!

In the end everything worked out for the best!

I chose to transfer at the end of the school year! It wasn't a easy road for me to find another teaching positions because some powers at be didn't want me to succeed! In the end some near and dear amazing people vouched for me and helped me land a FIRST grade position at a new school! Yes I said it I will be teaching FIRSTIES! I am so excited but am terrified at the same time the last two years of my life have been KINDER KINDER KINDER! I have taught first grade before but only the last half of the year so I am beyond where I should start at the beginning for First! BTW my school is literally 5 minutes from my house not even! I don't even need to get on the free way!

As far as FAMILY we have been a busy couple of  humans! We have literally been going nonstop since summer started! Prepping for the big boy to be in 2nd grade! Getting pretty girl prepared for PREK! Next year is going to be AMAZING!

Now lets talk about what really messed with me my DEPRESSION. I became overly depressed this last school year I struggled to be a better teacher, mother, wife ALL of it but  at some point last school year I felt like I failed! So I gave up and was an empty soul just there always cranky always irritated about nothing just about not being who I know I can be!

Around May I decided I was done letting DEPRESSION win Don't get me wrong it will always be waiting for me! ALWAYS but I'm practicing how to be more aware and how to be more there to the world. The first step for me was facing my FEARS! This book has helped me so much!

It was recommended by a long time Youtuber that I watch daily! She really is an inspiration for me she has her own business and 5 kids and a hubby! She keeps here house on point majority of the time but is so fearless in the sense she is herself!

Today is the beginning of the beginning for me! Its time to keep my dreams ALIVE! I have always really wanted to have a blog and a TPT store and I am doing it! While being a mother, wife, and teacher!
To end this post here is a quote that I keep posted in my phone!



OMG Friday was yesterday! - Five for Friday

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I know I am so super late on my linky but that is okay. This week I seemed to be late to EVERYTHING..

If you would like to join in on the fun -- Go to Doodle Bug Teaching!

I have been trying so hard to really get into the swing of things. Going back to work has been hard!! Especially having 27 kinders ALL DAY .. This week my five for Friday is two weeks worth of things we did.

This last week we started our ABC boot camp! I have been using clip art for my pictures because my drawing is horrendous. 

My little guy is CRAWLING. There is no leaving him by himself. lol
He is all over now. He GRABS everything.

MY classroom - OMG took me forever.. My white board isn't my word wall anymore but I am going to change it back this coming Sunday or Monday. 

My calendar wall - PETE THE CAT theme

The night before First day of First Grade - He was SOOOOO excited. He made his own lunch too :)
My lil boy is so grown up.
The first day of school!.. Yes his eyes are closed :)

My lil princess started GYMNASTICS.. she loves it.. 

That's all .. I will be showing more during schedule sunday! :)

All about this Kinder Teacher!

July 23, 2015 8 comments
Today I am joining in on this fun Kinder Tribe linky :)

Here is a little about me :)

I have only been teaching kinder for 1 year. This coming year will be number 2.

I love my phone. Its literally on me all day (such a horrible habit)
Tv shows. I can't live with out them. I HAVE LIKE A LIST AND WATCH maybe two shows a night.. HULU them and watch them online. 

Papermate Ink Joy pens.. they are wonderfulness in my hands and on paper.

Pete the Cat is my dude. He is the theme for my room.
I am so excited to incorporate his books into my class more.

MY all time favorite Kinder Blogger has to be MR.Greg he has inspired me to be fun and take Kindergarten one day at a time.
The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

My thing I love about Kindergarten... is the growth the kiddos make. They amazed me this first year and it was truly amazing. They are so eager to learn. Very willing to try try again. 

That's  A little about this Kindergarten Teacher.

The Sunday Scoop - Being Productive.. (Hopefully)

July 19, 2015 2 comments
Today on the blog I am participating in Teaching Trio's The Sunday Scoop!!
This week is all about being productive.
If you want to join the fun - Click the button below. :)
Teaching Trio

- The things I HAVE to do  - 

1. I started creating a new planner for school this year. Its coming slowly.. my kids seem to find everywhich way to distract me when I decide to sit at my desk.

2. I have been working on this book since school let out and my ambition to read it has haltered.. I want to read PAPER TOWNS.. before the movie comes out. That is my fave thing to do READ awesome books before the movie comes out.. Ill have to show you all my digital library its crazy :)

3.  This last one is on my list constantly.. I wish my house could magically stay clean FOREVER. It would make it so much easier on me. 

- Things I hope to do -

1. I am loving big brother right now :) Team LIZ & JULIA.. i love them ..
2. I need to start meal prepping.. Like pre make my breakfast is the best to do but I love getting up and cooking my breakfast

- Something I would be Happy to do - 

 SLEEP 8 HOURS. sleep is completely non existent to me. I want to achieve it but I am always scared I am going to miss something If I sleep to long or too much. :)

Thats all over here today.. I hope soon I will be posting more teacher things as I am getting ready